Introducing the original High Five Slider aka hand wave patch, slappy patch, high five foot. This bad boy was created as a fun item to give to friends and spread good vibes.

The original packaging read this way: High five to five foot sliders, high five to hanging five, high five to five rolled tacos, high five to five days off, high five to getting high by five, high five to summer, clean water, body surfing, no leashes, riding skateboards, gems, cacti, dogs, gardens, donuts, handstands, trips, thrift shops, san, yo-yos, fluorescent colors, and everything awesome. 

Anyways, this little patch made me happy and i got a ton of amazing feedback so i decided to make some more and start this little site. I hope you enjoy and I hope everyone keeps sliding, no matter how old or whatever skill level you're at. Just have fun and enjoy it.